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Become part of our agent network


Become an independent agent with Savoir International without giving up your current job. Get a feel for what Savoir International has to offer to education consultants and the flexibility it provides.


Why Savoir International?

It is the mission of Savoir International to be the premier education partner of choice around the world. The standards set by Savoir International are among the highest in the industry.

Become our Partner, and you will be assisted in identifying growth opportunities - i.e., how to increase your student inquiries and profits. Our team will assist you with the development of strategies that will help you achieve these goals. With us as a partner, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of attractive profit margins and incentive programs based on targets. We will assist you throughout the application process, provide regular training, and keep you informed of any relevant changes in documentation.

Various study locations to choose from

Our direct relationships with over 25 colleges & universities and Applyboard across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany enable us to tailor academic programs to the individual student's needs.

Degrees and diplomas to suit every need

A wide range of degrees and diplomas are available to our students, including those in business, computing, management, engineering and more.

An attractive commission structure 

Base commission ranges from 25K BDT to 50K BDT per student, PLUS BONUSES AND GIVEAWAYS.

Our Sub-Agent Program

Benefits of working as agents with Savoir International

As a means of ensuring our agents' success, we provide them with all the tools and training they need to match students to programs efficiently and effectively.

A global reach with local support

With us, you'll be supported every step of the way - from real-time support to day-to-day assistance. Our commitment to you extends from beginning to end.

A unique student experience

Students have consistently reported high levels of satisfaction and progression with the Savoir model. In order for international students to succeed, we provide a personalized approach to learning and enhanced student support.

Perks & Rewards

You will receive bonuses and have access to top training to support your professional development.

Connected always

With Savoir International, you have access to powerful technology and marketing tools that facilitate the submission of new business, the tracking of sales and income, the convenience of communicating with clients, and the optimization of team performance.

Marketing Resources & Brand Building

You will be able to engage your clients in a whole new way using a library of professionally designed, pre-approved social media posts and emails. We can assist you in creating an engaging social media presence by providing you with infographics, images, and videos that will engage your followers, generate likes and comments, and assist you in establishing an online presence.


Have you ever considered yourself to be an entrepreneur? Are you ready to take control of your future? You can build your own education consultancy business by leveraging our business model as you assist individuals in your community to study abroad for a better future.

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